Beeswax food wraps
Lou-bees wax wraps
The Kentish beeswax wrap Co.

Lou-bees wax wraps, a stylish eco friendly lifestyle swap, 

with an added touch of sustainable class.


Beeswax wraps

An Eco friendly alternative for your daily use of cling film.

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Lou-bees wax wraps
The Kentish Beeswax wrap Co.

Lou-bees wax wraps are a stylish eco friendly lifestyle swap with an added touch of sustainable class. No one said saving the planet had to be boring. 

Lou-bees wax wraps are a stylish addition to your daily lives for the whole family adding convenience and style, Let’s be honest plastics like cling film and foil  are boring, not only do the make our food sweaty and soggy, there not pretty either but the real issue is our usage! We need to lessen our use of plastics like cling film and foil, as the average family goes through close to 1,000 plastic bags and 24 rolls of plastic wrap like cling film  per year! these end up laying stagnant in our landfills for up to 400 years polluting our planet.

Lou-bees Beeswax Wraps have so many benefits to a greener lifestyle, they are a great money saving alternative to cling film  wrap – not only are they affordable, but they are reusable, last for up to one year, are naturally antibacterial, antifungal, easy to clean, and preserve flavour and freshness longer than plastic.

Beeswax wraps in the most beautiful fabrics of the 19th century’s most famous name 
William Morris

3 stunning collections

One of the 19th century's most famous names:

 William Morris 

These beeswax wraps will add a touch of class to anyone’s kitchen.

They are completely  plastic free and eco friendly,
Saving the planet never got more stylish! 
Our products are made from 100% pure cotton fabrics and infused with the natural element of beeswax, pine resin and a touch of jojoba oilTogether we can  reduce global waste and educate our young on a plastic free future.



Beeswax wraps are a natural eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. Ideal for wrapping vegetables, fruits, bread, cheese, snacks, sandwiches, covering bowls, etc. Made with 100% cotton infused with beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oIl.

Lou-bees wax wraps 

Completely plastic free 
And eco friendly
Saving the planet, never got more stylish! 

You can order your Lou-bees wax wraps completely quilt free knowing that all our products and packaging are completely plastic free, made from sustainable sources, 100% biodegradable or compostable materials.

Lou-bees wax wraps are completely reusable with a life span of up to 12 months. Just simply wrap and go, rinse and use again.

Beeswax also provides the wrap to be antibacterial, breathable and waterproof, which keeps your food fresher for longer.

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